Along with Dr. Janis Kupersmit has been co-PI on several NIH grants to develop the first online, evidence-based training for volunteer mentors. Their training has been adopted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as well as the Urban League, the Young Men’s Initiative, and other organizations. In 2012 Rhodes was appointed the Frank L. Boyden Professor of Psychology and established the MENTOR/UMB Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring which holds professional workships. Through this, Rhodes and her students have had many opportunities to bridge research and practice. This includes the launch of the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentors, which has nearly 5,000 subscribers and and the Center Short-Course series, which she hosts bi-annually at UMass Boston. She and her students also led the writing and revision of the Elements of Effective Practice, which is the main training manual for the field of youth mentoring.

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Kupersmidt, J. & Rhodes, J. (2013). Mentor training. In D. L. DuBois & M. Karcher (Eds.). The Handbook of Youth Mentoring, Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.